The direct heat that come from flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers can result in hair breakage as well as the loss of the natural curl-pattern. Here are 5 top tips you can use to protect your natural hair health from excessive heat damage.

5 Top Tips To Protect Natural Hair

1. Know What Level Of Heat Is Too Excessive

Hair will start to denature or burn at 450F. This temperature decreases for damaged, weak or fine hair. When using heat on your hair for the first-time, rather use a medium or low heat setting. Use curling or flat irons that feature a temperature gauge that is accurate.

2. Know What Type Of Hair You Have

Every person has different hair and for this reason you need to know exactly what hair type you have and what type of heat it can tolerate. Hair that is already damaged is more prone to damages caused from heat. A hair assessment can assist you in deciding whether you should be using heat for your styling regimen. Identify the condition of your hair by examining the elasticity, texture and the softness.

3. Preparing Your Hair

In order to prepare your hair before you begin heat styling you need to deep condition and moisturize the hair. Deep conditioning and moisturizing strengthens the natural hair and ensures that the cuticles in the hair are coated and closed for a smoother and sleeker look. Before any heat treatment you should deep condition with products that build up natural proteins in the hair.

4. Always Use A Heat Protectant

This is usually the only time that silicone-based products are advisable. The right heat protectant will create an effective barrier between the heat exposure and your hair. The silicone coats your hair and stops the moisture from reaching the hair shafts.

5. Limit The Exposure To Heat

Anything when used or abused in excess is regarded as detrimental and when it comes to heat this is extremely true. It is highly unadvisable to use direct heat on natural hair more than once in the space of a week and even less when your hair is fine or damages easily. You should begin with a lower level of heat to first assess how the hair reacts. If you are able to achieve the desired results on a lower heat, use Three Squares Soil – Hair Oil to save hair from unnecessary damage.


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