If you’re experiencing dry or damaged skin and you’re looking to restore it, then you might want to consider exfoliation. Sometimes our skin can become discolored and dried out and it can give us an aged look that is unbecoming. Here we’ll take a look at how to get clear skin through exfoliation.

Important Points

For the body, you should use either an exfoliating scrub or bristle brush. If you have oily skin on your face then you’ll want to use a facial scrub or glycolic pads. For those with sensitive facial skin, you’ll need a facial cleanser together with a washcloth. For those with normal skin in the facial area, you’ll simply need a regular facial scrub.

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1. A natural bristle brush can be used to help it exfoliate the body when you’re not in the shower. You simply use a circular motion with your long handled brush. You can easily find this item in the cosmetic section of stores like Walmart or Target or on Amazon. Some natural food stores also offer this item.

Typically you will want to start with the bottom of your legs and then move up your body as you go. Make sure to move in a circular motion across your skin and work in small areas before moving on. Once you complete your chest then move onto your back and your arms.

2. An exfoliation scrub that has salt or sugar is used as a cleansing scrub. You’ll begin by getting in the shower and allowing the water to run across your body for a few minutes allowing the skin to open its pores from the warm water. Use the scrub over your body in a circular motion. After you’re finished, rinse your body well and repeat this process once or twice a week.

Using facial scrubs you will follow the same process as above on your face. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you should repeat at least once a week. You can visit https://microdermamitt.com/product/microdermamitt-exfoliating-mitt/ online and grab the perfect exfoliating glove at best price.


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