Low maintenance people requires a little work to keep in a good condition and does not demand a great deal of attention. Girls who are low maintenance finds comfort and their fashion style in looking simple, they do not get hours of putting cosmetics on or choosing what clothes to wear. It is an advantage actually, to get done in less than 10 minutes, they do not waste time planning on what their outfit of the day is. They do not wear vibrant colored clothes, revealing clothes and most of all, they wear the same sneakers most of the time.

For a girl who considers herself low maintenance, we have made ready some tips for you to keep in mind:

Your hair. Go down the streets with your hair styled in bun, ponytail, or if you prefer tidy, pull it down and left it loose.

Cosmetics. Low maintenance girls usually say “Ew!” when they hear makeup. But, to look pleasing before going somewhere, you should know the basics to put some.

Outfit Combination. Everything is easier, faster and more comfy with a low maintenance girl. Her outfit is as simple as reciting the alphabet! A combination of tee shirt, jeans, and sneakers. This is simply perfect and comfortable. BUT you should improvise at times, to still look into the trend and appropriate to the timeframe’s fashion trend, try wearing graphic content tees for a change.

Accessories. They also have knick knack accessories, they may not be flashy but at least there is an additional thing to make her more attractive without having any purpose.

Dresses? Hmm, a dress may be in a low maintenance girl’s closet BUT wearing those would seem like she had put a great effort of putting it in.

Nails. They do not get their nails done, but we suggest that even so you disgust putting nail polish or nail art, trim your nails short to look neat and tidy!

The favorite footwear. Girls have much footwear in their closet, but we all have that one pair of shoes you always wear. Low maintenance girls prefer sneakers over heels and wear that one pair most of the time.

Think positive! We all know that when you dress indifferently for the first time, your friends would tease you. But yes, you look great! You should wear something other than a simple tee, jeans, and sneakers. These are not insults or bullies, think of these as a complement. On the brighter note being a low maintenance person, does not get along with the high-fashion trend nowadays, it can help you save some money!

Basically, low maintenance girls know absolutely what they have to do, to have a comfortable yet awesome personal style. If you want a change of heart, have yourself a fashion and a makeup magazine to widen your idea about fashion. If so, you also have to clear up your wardrobe full of tee and exchange it with the trending high fashion clothing.


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