Fashion by definition is the style of dress or accessories and the manner of exhibiting oneself. The trend is what is the popular style at a certain point in our timeline, this word is most likely to get engaged with fashion and entertainment.  Who are the millennial? People who are called the millennial are the ones who have reached young adulthood in the early twenty-first century. As people have changed as they reached to this point of the world’s time, so as the style of fashion. The millennial have such a great influence power on the fashion trend, they have been the focus of the fashion industry given the fact that studies have shown they are the most informed and demanding consumers and has the great influence to set and change the consumer behaviour. With this, the fashion industry has made their products in a wide selection of clothing style. These baby boomers are less attached to the mainstream cloth brands, millennial desires to obtain more than the style but also the comfort they get with their fashion style. They show eagerness and enthusiasm in creating their very own fashion style. Here are some examples of the millennial showing off their fashion trend:

Athleisure. This is an athletic clothing worn casually, these are designed for exercising and for general use. It is basically combined with gym shirts or tank tops, leggings or running shorts, and running shoes or sneakers.

Basics. The millennial generation wants to keep the style low and basic, a plain colored tee with your denim pants or high waist trousers and your sneakers can keep you feeling comfortable.

Casual. A taste of simplicity but can make you look adorable and casual is the combination of a striped tee, shorts, and tennis shoes.

Crop tops. A casual undergarment that is cut short to reveal the stomach, this is usually paired with shorts and sneakers, the style may give you a casual look.

Preppy. This may look like a working outfit but, they are a college inspired look. You may have blazers, tank top,  slacks, and heels or a girly collared blouse, a line skirt, and tights. Usually women unkempt their hair purposely. The preppy style can make you look geeky.

Tomboy. People who wear this style may look out of fashion or without style in appearance but the comfort and sense of being are the important things in fashion. Girls who prefer a boyish look go along with this style, it is typically wearing a button down sleeve or a content graphic tee, jeans and a flat shoes or sneakers that would match.


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