Fashion trend has become the expression of modernity and symbol of the spirit of the times. Fashion by definition is the style and manner of behavior, moreover, fashion is creating your own style. The trend is what is popular at a certain period of time. The reason why trends become trends in line with the reasons ways trends become trends is self-conscious that appears mostly among young adulthoods who are the target for all good providers. The fashion trend is a reflection of social, economic, political and cultural changes. Changing trends in fashion have always reflected the vast scale of social and cultural changes, year by year people’s desire and ambitions have turned into something greater than before. Basically, fashion trends were designed for leisure and for social status. Other than that, There are five ways why the fashion trends become trends:

Celebrities. We all know for a fact that actors and actresses have a great impact to those who idolize such. Since they have a great influence to the consumers, they became the ones who give statements on behalf of the clothing.

Fashion Blogger. Being a fashion blogger is also in trend nowadays. Fashion bloggers have given the output of every makeup and clothing magazine you have. They are like celebrities but they use their blogs to promote their preferred clothing line.

Fashion Capitals. Do you know that there is a fashion capital in the world? The fashion and trend are different all over the world, fashion bloggers and designers look any geographic area that is the source of the clothing trend.

Runaway Trends. Clothes that are hand made by the fashion designers are featured in the Fashion week, fashion week is sometimes broadcasted on the television, where the consumers can fondly watch. Fashion designers hire models to exhibit their cloth line thus, people who are fond watching the fashion week come to pass the designer’s creativity.

Street Style. These looks are easy to recreate, this style is easily seen down the streets. These are the clothing trend that can be seen along the streets. It can help boost the fashion trend since people can easily observe the new fashion style with the passers-by wearing it.

To sum it all up even though each of us has different cultures and geographical location we still have on thing in common, the ways why fashion trend becomes the trend is because of the consumers. They are easily persuaded by the celebrities who give great influence over them and the fashion bloggers who already presents the fashion style. With the way the consumers reacted, the fashion industry grabs their opportunity to widen their scope in their business.


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