Necklaces can be made out of many different materials, from ribbon and beading to chains of various sizes and metal choices. When a necklace chain is chosen, it can be one of your best necklaces you have in your collection – right up until it breaks on you. Fortunately, even thin necklace chains can be fixed after they have broken. In this article, we will discuss just how you can fix your thin chain necklace.

1. Get Your Tools

In order to fix your thin chain necklace, you will need to have certain tools ready to go that you may or may not already have lying around your home. We suggest two needle nose pliers that are small enough to use on your tiny chain. One in each hand, like an extension of your hands themselves, will help you to dissect any small links making up the chain and add a link or two in order to make the necklace whole again.

If you like, you can stop by your local craft shop and see if they have any toolsets that you can purchase for little money. Michaels, for example, sells a kit of differently-sized pliers that are designed to be used for jewelry making.

2. Purchase Supplies If Needed or Desired

Once you have your pliers, you can begin your repairs if you are okay with your necklace chain being a tiny bit shorter than it was before. However, if you would prefer that your chain be longer, you will need to bring part of it with you to a craft shop and visit the jewelry supply aisle. This is where you can find charms, beads, hooks and clasps, pre-made chains, and even metal links of different shapes and sizes that can be put together to make chains.

You will want to compare the part of your broken chain to the packs of links that are for sale in the aisle you are in. Select one that is made up of the same shape and size links of your chain and the same type of metal. This will allow you to add on to the chain that you are fixing in order to make it longer.

3. Link Your Chain Together

When you have the broken pieces of your necklace and any additional links laid out, take your needle nose pliers and examine your chain. See how each link has a slight seam in it? Gently pull the one link apart at the seam that you would like to hook onto the other piece of your chain. Then, simply use your pliers to re-seal the seam of that link. If you are making your chain longer than it was, do this with each link of the pack you purchased until your chain is as long as you would like it to be.

In conclusion, even a thin necklace chain that has broken can be fixed, and be fixed for little to no money spent. Your necklace will be able to be worn again in no time. Shop EDC  to know more about jewelry.


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