No one wants to lose hair. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens to everyone eventually on some scale. Many people lose hair at a faster pace during middle age, and they find themselves looking for ways to regrow hair. There are all kinds of possible solutions, and dietary changes can be a great place to start. There are in fact foods that can help you better regrow hair naturally, and they also have other health benefits as well.

Are you ready for the first food on the list?

We are always told to eat more fish. Salmon is one of those foods that can help you regrow hair. There are three main points to make about salmon. First, it contains those important omega 3 fatty acids. It also gives you that protein that your hair needs as well. The third point to make is that it is packed with vitamin D.

There are other foods that contain vitamin D, and there are certainly other fish sources that contain omega 3 fatty acids. Yet two points need to be made here. First, it’s important to identify foods like salmon and others that contain the right combination of ingredients to really help you move in the right direction in terms of hair growth. Second, it’s important to mention that these foods replace unhealthy food choices that work against you.

Take Proper Diet For Better Hair

Making dietary changes can certainly help you in a number of ways, including hair regrowth. Okay, so we’ve talked about salmon, but what else is there? Well, your hair needs vitamin C. You might think that means it’s time to eat oranges and other citrus fruits. Yes, that would be a great idea, but there is a food that contains quite a lot more vitamin C than an orange does. It is the yellow pepper.

It’s time to start using yellow bell peppers when cooking your meals. That’s two top foods on the list now to help you regrow hair. Now it’s time to look at another food you will find in the ocean. You don’t have to look in the ocean though because you can buy oysters at the grocery store.

Why are oysters so important?

It’s all about the zinc, and lots of it. Yet there are some oysters that contain a lot of cadmium, and you actually don’t want to eat those. You have a few good foods to go on, but there are plenty more to learn about. Add sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes and eggs to the list. That’s double the foods you have now to buy to help you start regrowing your hair.

One more great food to add to your list is the avocado. There are all kinds of foods that help with hair regrowth. It’s also important to look into what recipes call for these foods so that you can make a point of eating them more often. Is it time for some sweet potato casserole? That might fit some people’s palates better than the oysters, but to each his own. For detailed information click here


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