Almost everyone will suffer from excessively dry skin several times in their lives, sometimes due to the weather, other times diet, and many times for unknown reasons. Most people tough it out and put some lotion on it until it goes away, but what do you do when it stays and stays? That can be a serious problem, doctors can be expensive, especially going to a specialist, are there alternatives you can try? Well, there are several different skin conditions that you should be aware of and that will help determine what you do for treatment.

Does It Have A Fish Scale Appearance? It Could Be Ichthyosis Vulgaris

This affliction can be hard to diagnose and many regular doctors will miss it. Your dermatologist will probably be needed to finally get the right diagnosis depending on how severe this rare disease is. The skin will have the appearance of fish scales and it will usually hurt to the touch. In addition to that, the cracking of the skin may allow fluid to leak and make bandages stick as well as sheets and long pants.


It is really caused by a build up of an over production of skin cells. The outer layers are always made up of dead skin but when they pile up they appear to be thick layers of dead, dry skin, like scales. There are some ichthyosis vulgaris natural treatments available that can help the condition.

Most doctors will recommend two steps in the treatment, first, the extra layers of dead skin need to be carefully removed. Lotions containing salicylic acid, related to aspirin, are used to help remove the excess skin. Then lotions containing alpha-hydroxy acids are quite effective at keeping the skin moist. Some doctors will also recommend wrapping the area in plastic after the lotion is applied at night so it can continue to work until morning.

Getting a ichthyosis vulgaris natural treatment to work is partly about being diligent and not forgetting to follow through. Once the condition has cleared, it’s still important to keep moisturizing daily to stop a reoccurrence but that is much easier on a daily basis than having to look at your fish scale legs.

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