There is a centuries old technique in Korea that has been growing in popularity in the United States that produces the softest skin you’ve ever had: the Korean body scrub. It’s not for everyone as it involves getting naked, often in front of other people, but the results speak for themselves and last for weeks. Fortunately, you’re able to get the same results right from the privacy of your own home by using an exfoliating mitt.

Examine the Mitt Thoroughly

Choosing the best mitt can take some trial and effort, but most will produce satisfactory results. Look for an exfoliating mitt that is abrasive enough to exfoliate your skin and remove flakes of dead skin from your body, while comfortable enough to be used over and over until all the dead skin has been removed. Also look for those that are made of the highest quality materials, such as 100% natural floss silk.

exfoliating mitt

Soak in Hot Tub Before Use

It is highly recommended to soak in a hot tub or spend five minutes in a steam room prior to starting your session. The mitt is intended to be used on wet skin, but do not use it under running water. One common mistake to avoid is soaping up prior to starting, as the fabric works best when it can build friction against the skin.

Apply Generous Pressure

Scrub with a quick upward and downward stroke, applying a generous amount of pressure against your skin. Dead cells and other buildup will slough off, revealing the soft skin beneath. The results that you’ll get will be better than you’ve ever produced with a sugar scrub.

Give it a try and see what results you can produce. Your skin will look and feel younger, it’ll stimulate collagen production to reduce fine wrinkles, and it’ll prevent cellulite and keratosis pilaris. Just take care not to overdo it, or you might feel a bit raw for a couple days.


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