Want to shop at a local jewelry store? Follow these tips to find the best available prices.

Learn About Magic Weights

If you’re planning on buying diamond jewelry or jewelry made with another type of precious gem, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with “magic weights.” The price of any gemstone rises once it hits a certain carat weight. If you buy jewelry with a stone that is slightly below that weight, you’ll be able to save quite a bit of cash.

So what are the magic weights? 1 carat is a magic weight, as is .75 carats. 1.5 or 2 carats are both considered to be magic weights as well. Don’t buy gemstones that are at the magic weight. Opt for a smaller weight, and you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of savings.

Keep An Eye Out For Sales

Like all other retailers, jewelry stores have sales from time to time. If you buy the jewelry you want during a sale, you’ll be able to get great pieces for a lower-than-normal price.

It’s common to see sales during certain times of the year. Pre-holiday sales are common. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are especially popular occasions for sale. However, you can find a sale in any month of the year. Make sure you’re on the mailing list for your favorite jeweler so that you never miss a sale.

Know What You’re Buying

The more you know about the jewelry you’re buying, the easier it will be for you to find incredible deals. You won’t just be able to find affordable jewelry; you’ll be able to buy pieces that offer a lot of value for the price.

If you don’t know much about jewelry, you may want to ask someone to come with you when you visit the jewelry store. Ask them for their advice and input.

These suggestions will help you get the best prices at Troy – Elizabeth Diamond Co – Jewelry, local jewelry stores every time!


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