While they had fallen out of fashion for a while, handlebar mustaches are coming into style. You can head outside and find plenty of people with facial hair that keep it long and curled. Some of them have large beards and only curl the mustache part.

Yet the thing everyone remembers is the large handlebar. The curled mustache that’s almost synonymous with the late 1800s early 1900s in the United States. Baseball players and dapper gentlepeople alike would have giant curls above their lips.

If you’d like to curl your mustache, the process is simple enough. First, you need to grow hair and get a proper beard grooming and take a good beard care.

Why Grow A Beard?

It may seem weird to grow a beard when what you want is a mustache, but it’s much easier than the alternative. The reason is how difficult it is to guide facial hair growth.

If you start by growing a mustache, you’d have to be incredibly precise with how you shaved. It’s more than just growing hair on the sides of your lips. The hair has to hang down, and not be connected to your chin. The only way to properly engineer that is if you already have all the hair you need.

How To Curl Your Mustache

The actual curling is easy. There are a variety of mustache waxes that you can use. If you have a small curl, you can use a softer wax. Simply rub it on your fingers, grab the sides of your mustache, and curl them.

For longer mustaches, you’ll need a much stronger wax. There are some mustache waxes that harden similarly to plaster, and while those will dry out your mustache hair they also allow the larger ‘staches to remain upright during physical activity or throughout a long day.

Either way, curling a mustache is as simple as getting the wax and pulling up the sides. You’ll need some time and practice to get it perfect, and you may need more wax at the base of the lip if you’re going for a higher curl.


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