When you exfoliate, you get rid of fine lines and the dry and dull look of the skin making it look smooth and fresher for a glowing and healthy complexion. Hence, such outcomes are enough reasons to get you into exfoliating once a week.

In as much as exfoliation is a prudent skin care routine, it should be done with caution. Mistakes made when exfoliating can lead to complications such as irritation, inflammations, and redness. So, you should know you to properly exfoliate before you even apply the scrub to your face and below is how to go about it.

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1. Start with gathering your supplies

Choose the right scrub and exfoliation products. Make sure they are made from natural ingredients and are suitable for your skin type.

2. Clean your skin before you apply the scrub

Wash up to remove all the makeup and rid your skin of dirt and pathogens. Washing up also wets your skin which is important because you want the ingredients in the scrub to lather up for a while to work and give you a soft and healthy looking skin. Clean using a soft washcloth and warm water.

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3. Apply the scrub on the skin

Apply scrub paying attention to the areas that have dry and rough patches. Gently apply the exfoliation product to the skin working upwards and in circular motions; do not be heavy-handed with the amount of scrub not with the pressure when working it on the skin. Start from the chin working your way up to the forehead as you massage the product into the skin. You can then shift your focus to the rest of the body targeting such as the insides of your elbows, your knees, and your hands, that have rough sections that also tend to look dark.

4. Rinse Off

When done, rinse off using warm water and do not leave any of scrub on your face. You can do a blast of cold water immediately after to help reduce the gapping of your open pores so that you can apply a hydrating moisturizer and some anti-aging serum if you have some.

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