An exfoliating mitt is a great way to slough the dead skin off of your body. You will want to find the right sized glove to fit your hand and then use it in your shower.

Place it on your dominant hand (if you’re right-handed use it on your right hand, left-handers will want to use it on their left hand), and as you lather up you can use it to slough off the dead skin on your body.

Start by pouring a small amount of body wash onto the mitt and you can then use it to make circular motions on your legs, arms, torso and it will lather up and slough off the dead skin cells.

Removing The Dead Skin

When you do this two to three times per week, your skin will glow with healthy new skin underneath. An exfoliating mitt removes the dead skin so that the new skin cells that are underneath are able to shine through.

By doing this every few days the dead skin cells are gone and your skin will look healthy and toned with advanced skin care solutions. Some people also choose to use an exfoliating mitt on dry skin.

To do this, they put the mitt on dry and just rough it over the skin on the legs, arms, and torso. This works just as well, but it doesn’t moisturize the skin with the shower gel like doing it in the shower will do.

After you’ve finished exfoliating in the shower, you’ll want to rinse the soap that was lathered onto the glove off of your skin and then use a good moisturizer. This will refresh the skin and help to nourish it with healthy nutrients.


Exfoliating Your Skin

Another way to use the exfoliating gloves is to do a dry exfoliation prior to the shower. This will knock off the dead skin cells that are dry. After you’ve done this, you can then step into the shower and do it again with your shower gel to give it a nice finishing touch.

By exfoliating your skin you will find that your skin glows a healthy glow and looks lovely. You’ll have less itching skin and you won’t have to worry about a dull complexion.

Many people have done this and found that their skin is healthier, more glowing and that it seems healthier. They will replace their exfoliating mitt as it wears down so that it will continue to work.


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