I was in search of finding the perfect wedding ring for myself. I loved my engagement ring, but I wanted something different for my wedding ring. I wanted to shop around locally to see if I could find the wedding ring I wanted.

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Finding Wedding Jewelry Online

I went online and I searched for wedding jewelry stores in Dayton Ohio to see which ones specialized in wedding jewelry. I found several of them all around me. I decided to go to the one that was closest to me first to see what they had in their store. I was shocked at their selection and I really loved many of their rings. However, the sales associate was a little rude and snobby and it was a real turn off. She acted like I shouldn’t be shopping in their store or like I was going to steal something. Mind you, I went in with my workout gear on so maybe I looked like I didn’t belong in there, but it was rude and her attitude definitely lost that jewelry store a sale.

Buying Jewelry on Local Jewelry Store

After this fiasco, I went to the next jewelry store which also had a big selection of wedding jewelry. The sales associate was much nicer than the previous one. Someone at some point in her life must have told her to never judge a book by the cover. The amount of money I was going to spend on a ring wasn’t minuscule because I had the money to spend. I tried on several rings and finally decided which one I wanted. It was quite expensive, but I knew I would have it for years to come and my husband was okay with me getting the ring. I love it and I’m glad I found a store that had what I wanted.

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