Remember when beard trimmers used to be basic mechanical devices that either worked or or didn’t work? Back in the day, these trimmers were usually cheap little devices that you simply threw away when they stopped working and replace them with another. Things have changed since then. Unless you have money to burn, you don’t just throw your trimmers and mens beard trimmer kit away today at the first sign of trouble.

Beard trimmers have come a long way over the years. Like everything else, trimmers have seen advances in technology that make them more complex devices than they used to be. Now they often come equipped with small computers inside that deliver information to an LCD display that reveals information about the current status of the trimmer. This display is typically used to display error codes in the form of a number or letter, and sometimes a combination of both. If your trimmer isn’t working properly, usually an error code will display to signify what the problem is.

Beard Trimmers

A common error code for Philips beard trimmers is E. If you’re Philips trimmer is displaying E error code, don’t panic! You may be tempted to believe the E stands for explosion. Relax. That isn’t the case. Your trimmer isn’t going to blow up in your hands, at least I hope it isn’t. However, this error code is still serious, and may indicate the need for a new trimmer.

When the E error code displays, it means the motor of your trimmer has been compromised and may be at the end of it’s life. But you still have a few steps you can try before trashing your trimmer to see if the problem can be solved.

Before Trashing Trimmer

Often times this error occurs because something is blocking the motor or the blades. The most common cause of motor blockage is due to a buildup of of hair in the blades and in the motor itself. This can occur if you don’t clean your trimmer regularly. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your trimmer, do so now, being sure to clean out any hair stuck between the blades and any found inside the motor. If this was the cause of the problem, your trimmer motor should begin working properly after it has been cleaned.

Another common cause of motor issues is lack of lubrication. When the motor dries out, it often becomes too stiff to move, much like the motor in your car. Over time, just like in your car, the trimmer motor will fail due to lack of lubrication. If you’re lucky, it hasn’t gotten to that point yet. If you still have the lubricating oil that came with your new trimmer, add a few drops to the blades and any visible motor parts, then set it aside and allow the oil to soak in. If lack of lubrication was the issue, the motor should begin to work properly after it has been lubricated. If not, it may be time for a new trimmer.

Because trimmers are so expensive today, it can be frustrating for you when they stop working. If your trimmer has an LCD display that shows error codes, be sure to research what the error code means before you trash your trimmer. As you learned from the article above, it could be a simple fix that will have your trimmer working as good as new in no time.


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