Jewelry has been used since ancient times as a way of signifying power and status or merely for purposes of adornment and beauty. Today very little has changed since the ancient Egyptians, the Romans and Greeks and those who held positions of power and influence in civilizations across the globe first became attracted to the sheer wonder of precious metals and stones.

Today it is the captains of industry and those who attend the parties of the rich and famous who are renowned for their displays of some of the most wonderful and striking jewelry on the planet.

Look For Wonderful Jewelry

Just where do they find these marvels? At some of the most famous jewelry stores in the world.

Which stores across the globe expect the rich and powerful to cross their thresholds?

1. Tiffany and Co.

That unique powder blue that is used in all Tiffany and Co. advertising and marketing is immediately recognizable – and its patented by the company. Established in 1837 the company is best known for its brand of exquisitely cut diamond jewelry designs.

2. Cartier.

Founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris. This jeweler has has served royal families across the globe. It currently has 200 stores across the globe and is perhaps best known not only for its dazzling diamond creations but also for the well known range of men’s ‘Tank’ watches.

3. The Harry Winston Jewelry Company.

The success of this company is all down to the absolute genius of a single master craftsman and designer – Harry Winston. Born in 1896 it was said of him that he had an unrivaled eye for quality gemstones. He was also known as the owner of the famous Hope Diamond. The chain now has eight locations across the United States and 12 spread across the rest of the world.

4. Bugari.

1870 saw the establishment of what is today one of the most luxurious brands of jewelry in the world. Found by a Greek by the name of Sotirios Voulgaris the company is today known for its use of heavy gold links and also the innovative use of stones like Sapphires. Today the company is not only one of the best known and most respected jewelers in the world, but has also diversified into an enormous number of other luxury goods such as timepieces, luggage and fragrances.

5. Lorraine Schwartz Diamonds & Fine Jewelry.

A manufacturer of fine jewelry for three generations this jewelry concern was catapulted to fame when Hale Berry wore pieces designed by them to the SAG Awards a decade ago. Part of the attraction of the jewelry pieces designed by Lorraine Schwartz is that they are ultra exclusive. They can only be viewed in New York by invitation, bought at Bergdorf Goodman’s or commissioned by the elite of society.

Like all the finer things in life jewelry designed and manufactured by these luminaries may be out of many people’s reach. However – the beauty of fine jewelry remains timeless and is available from many other fine jewelers the world over. For more information visit


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