Beards have went in and out of style throughout recorded history, and today they are definitely swinging back into style in a big way. As society has begun to be more open regarding mustaches, beards and other facial hair, manufacturers have created various products to help men groom their facial hair. Philips is an innovative brand that has helped pave the way in shavers, trimmers and similar tools. Whether you already have a beard, or are interested in growing one, the vacuum beard trimmer offered by the reliable brand is an excellent choice.

One of the big complaints that everyone has regarding traditional shaving and grooming is the little hairs that end up all over the sink. For the person who is stuck keeping the bathroom clean, this can become a chore in and of itself. Sure, the hair can be rinsed down the sink. However, that can contribute to clogged drains, especially over a long period of time.

Trimming Facial Hair

Some men have tried to place a towel or something else under their face while trimming their facial hair, but that is awkward and still leaves quite the mess to contend with. Fortunately the vacuum on this beard trimmer is designed to collect all of those little hairs, allowing you to quickly and easily dispose of them in the bathroom garbage can. Never again will you have to struggle with removing those remnants from the nooks and crannies around your sink.

The beard trimmer provides a nice, even shave each and every time. The high quality blades are sharp enough to cut through tough beard hairs without tugging or pulling on them. For any guy who has ever experienced that pain, you will be very grateful for this feature!

The trimmer comes with a variety of combs so that you can choose the exact hair length that you want. For some men that means keeping a five o’clock shadow all day long while others are interested in growing a long, thick beard. Most guys fall somewhere between these two extremes, with many wanting to utilize more than one comb to achieve the desired effect.

Grooming Products

You should watch some videos of the device being used before you begin trimming your own beard. Look for tutorials from the site or others who are focused on beard grooming products. This will allow you to best understand how to choose the combs and to use them for a tapered effect. Reading tips and tricks for use is also a good idea because other consumers might have discovered some things that the manufacturer doesn’t mention in their info packet.

An increasing number of workplaces are allowing men to keep well-groomed beards rather than demanding that the staff is fully shaven each day. Whether you want a little mustache, goatee or full beard, the vacuum beard trimmer by Philips is an excellent choice. The reputable brand has delivered a good system that will allow you to stay groomed without messing up the bathroom each morning. Get to know more at


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