Couples who are newly engaged often shop at different jewelry stores days after making the announcement. However, as the big day gets closer, other vendors like bakers, florists, DJs and caterers begin to occupy a lot of their time. Many times, this means that looking for the perfect rings often gets placed on the back burner. The local jewelry stores in Canefield, Ohio have a lot to offer engaged couples.

There are several excellent reasons to continue visiting your favorite jewelry store in Canefield even after she has said “Yes.”

The Perfect Wedding Bands

Although the engagement ring is often a separate purchase from the wedding bands, it is often the most important quest for couples. They search everywhere for the perfect rings to be a symbol for their love. Couples will shop together for this purchase so they can be sure both of them are happy with the choice. In fact, it is common for couples to choose rings that look similar. Many times they want wedding bands that are unique or custom made just for them.

She Needs Something Old And New

Many times, jewelers in Canefield, Ohio can take a cherished family heirloom and make repairs and adjustments to sentimental items that have been passed down to the bride-to-be. Some of the services they can provide are:


Repairing or replacing loose settings Sizing. There are some that offer services that are more extensive such creating custom designs and adding keepsakes to create modern jewelry.

Something Blue

Brides who want to keep the tradition of ‘something borrowed, something blue’ often do so with their accessories. There are many options in jewelry stores for new accessories. For example, the future Mrs. may decide to purchase a new necklace that will complement her hair or dress. If the bride is looking for something blue, she cannot go wrong with sapphires.


It is common for couples to give gifts to the bridal party, including the parents. These gifts are generally small and inexpensive, but heartfelt. Keepsakes and trinkets are usually the preferred choices.

Pendants and charms are great choices for the mothers of the bride and groom. This type of jewelry are sentimental pieces that make mothers feel as though they are a part of the new family’s life. Birthstones can be added as the new family grows.

These are some of the reasons why you should visit a jewelry store in Canefield, troy oh. However, the quest to find the best wedding accessories is just one of the many reasons to find a reputable local jeweler.


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