Whether you’re looking for the perfect diamond wedding ring or just a casual piece of jewelry, it’s important to consider the best diamonds to buy. Of course, what you can afford will play an integral role in what you can purchase and the quality of the diamond itself.

Consider the Diamond Cut

The first step is to consider the cut of the diamond. Some people may prefer something out of the ordinary, but when in doubt, go traditional! A princess cut or a round cut diamond are both excellent for showcasing the best features of a quality diamond. Of course, the quality of the cut itself also impacts your enjoyment of the diamond, which is why you always need to buy from a reputable source.

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Look for Carat Weight

Once you have the cut figured out, the next step is to consider the carat weight you can afford. The highest quality diamonds will cost a great deal of money the higher the carat. If you or the recipient prefers a flashy ring, you may wish to lower the clarity and the color to get a higher carat ring.

Diamond Color and Clarity

Speaking of color and clarity, the clearer the diamond, the higher the cost. Fortunately, if your diamond is going to be set in yellow gold, you can easily drop the color and clarity of the stones without impacting its beauty.

When looking at diamonds as an investment, buy the best you can afford for your money and stay away from trendy pieces. Chocolate diamonds may look good enough to eat, but in fact lose their value quite a bit should you look to resell them in the near future.

When in doubt, get a brochure from your local jewelry store to check out the best diamonds to buy. Usually, the pieces that are top rated and best sellers are the ones worth investing in.

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