Exfoliating helps to expose your healthy, glowing skin that is underneath through removing the dead cells that are on the surface of your skin.  A quality exfoliating scrub can be used on your entire body and not just your face.  Here are some useful tips on how to get younger looking skin.

Supplies Needed

Body lotion
Pumice stone
Exfoliating gloves or body brush
Exfoliating cleanser

skin exfoliation

Follow These Best And Easy Skin Exfoliation Solutions


1.  Brush your dry skin using your exfoliating gloves or body brush before you get into the shower.  That will help remove any loose skin and get your skin prepared for the exfoliating process.

2.  Step into the show and get your entire body wet.

3.  Apply a pumice stone to your feet to get rid of any calluses or rough areas.

4.  Apply the exfoliating cleanser to your gloves.  Use a circular motion to start to scrub your body with the cleanser.  Start at the bottom of your feet and work your way up your body.

5.  Use a body brush for exfoliating hard-to-reach areas such as your back.

6.  Be very gentle with your face, especially around your mouth and eye. Use an exfoliating product that has been formulated especially for the face.  This product will be gentler than those that are designed to be used on the other parts of your body.

skin exfoliation

7.  Make sure to clean your hand as well using best exfoliating mitt.  You want them to feel and look smooth and soft.

8.  Rinse off your body using lukewarm water.

9. Get out of the shower, and then thoroughly apply your moisturizing body lotion to your entire body.  The ideal choices are facial moisturizers and body lotions that contain beta or alpha hydroxy acids since those acid keep removing and exfoliate dead skin cells from your body.

10.  Once a day use a body moisturizer.  Exfoliation dries out your skin, so you need to keep it hydrated.


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