Do you have a jewelry store located in Dayton Ohio? Perhaps it is one that sells jewelry at a regular store and also on the web. In order to generate more traffic to your website, and to also get more foot traffic to your store, there are a couple of ways that you can advertise. Some people prefer to use the local classifieds, although this is not the most efficient way to advertise jewelry. You are better off in campaigns online by approaching people using the search engines, and also approaching those that are on social media.

How Should You Start Advertising?

Your initial step should be PPC advertising on Google and Facebook. You need to target keywords that people will be typing in. These will be related directly to the type of jewelry that you offer. You will want to make sure that these are local keyword terms. People searching for jewelry in your city will type in the name of the city, and then the type of jewelry they are looking for. You want your website to show up at the top of the listings in the easiest way to do this is to use pay per click advertising.

Other Ways To Advertise Online

Another way that you can advertise is to build your website up. This can be done by posting new information every day. You will want to target very specific keywords with every post that you make so that you can rank each page for that keyword phrase. Finally, you should have a social media website on Facebook and Twitter. You need to make regular posts. There should be a link back to your website with every post that you make specifically going to the jewelry you are discussing. Using all of the strategies, you will soon making more sales than ever before by attracting people from both the search engines and social media.


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