When perusing many of the local shops in Troy, Ohio, you may start to recognize that corporate businesses easily outnumber the locally owned merchants. In this day and age, people doing local business and sharing their crafts with their city is something that should be celebrated. Whether we’re talking about local farmers and craftsmen or antique dealers and home decorating stores, it’s important for you to support your local stores” here’s the why:

*You can help improve the local economy

In a recent study, it was concluded that significantly more of the money spent in a local store remains in that community. The problem that many residents often overlook is that the money they give to big-name retailers is not kept in the local economy but rather distributed nationwide. Local business owners can help keep your city looking and feeling fresh, while chain businesses aren’t invested in the local economy or making your community a better place, which is why they should be avoided.

*Shop with people that care about customers.

When you spend your money, you want to feel like you’re not only supporting a group of people, but the business owner actually cares. Chain stores hire hundreds of employees in any local setting, but very few if any of those employees will actually care about your feelings or your satisfaction. Unfortunately, local shops are hardly ever able to compete with chain stores that have nationwide locations that can help offset the jewelry for sale of local operation.

*Set your community apart from others.

When you walk the streets of Troy, Ohio, you’ll probably recognize numerous businesses that have always been there. The shopping landscape has most likely evolved over the past decade, but have you really wondered what gives your community its flavor? The local shops and businesses are truly what make each and every city unique and interesting. Whether you have a tattoo parlor next to an antique store, or a clothing store next to a club, these wide range of services are what make your community great.

Next time you have money to spend, consider supporting the people that really matter in your community” the local businesses. The money you spend in chain stores will never make a difference in your community and will just further vandalize the landscape that has taken decades of careful preservation to evolve.


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